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I think I've actually met you and I remember you very clearly as you made a lasting impression on me.

It was several years ago, but I'm inclined to say I was a sophomore at SUNY Albany and the year was 2009. I remember walking up some stairs, that led to class from my "quad," as its called in Albany. You got my attention and generally, I like to give people a chance when they've got the difficult task of spreading their message when 99% of us don't want to listen.

Anyway, we engaged in a short conversation. My feeling over going vegan, has been along the lines of: how does not eating meat prevent animal suffering? I'm more of a, "Let's find the dude who broke that dog's back and beat him down with a baseball bat," rather than, "Let's not eat steak." Nothing against it, however, and I have close friends who are vegan.

In response to my comments you handed me the pamphlet which had some brutally honest examples of how not eating meat does save animals. The picture I remember most clearly is like a vat of yellow chicks being ground up like hamburger meat. It put my stomach in a knot.

What I remember about you, which was different than other activists I've come across, is that you were open-minded and almost intrigued when I presented an argument. Rather than getting angry or accusing me of ignorance, you offered suggestions and held back on judging me. Your personality and demeanor led to a brief 2 minute conversation, even though I was already late to class. After wards, we shook hands, I headed off to class and burned your pamphlet with a lighter.

Just kidding.

A year later, I was on Netflix and I randomly decided to watch a documentary called, "The Cove." After being absolutely horrified by it, I remember thinking back on meeting you.

Last thing, I'm pretty sure you were wearing a flat cap.

Glad to see your still going strong!

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Water for Elephants was such a good fucking book...I also lit a fart once.

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Is that an open invitation?

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Waltz is a god among men, so I agree with you there, but I guess generally speaking, the book is always better...but as an example, I thought the adaptation of "Into the Wild," was spectacular.

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The soundtrack to the movie, which features Vedder, is mind blowing. Keep in mind though, I did not say the movie was better. I do stand behind "the book is always better," but it can be an absolute pleasure to see a well made interpretation of a great book. Into the Wild is a perfect example. The book itself, among my favorites.

Didn't even know Fight Club was based off a book. Love the movie though.