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we're all at cyber-war, all the time

I'm a professional software developer with a graduate certificate in National Security Affairs and wrote some policy proposals (grad-student papers) relating to Critical Infrastructure Protection with regards to cyber security. The sentiment quoted above is definitely the reality we live in.

The potential escalation to meatspace keeps the conflict simmering below some squishy threshold and the conflict is probably more accurately modeled as an extension of espionage activity rather than military, but it's real and it's constant.

This state of affairs is what keeps me away from the IOT and Alexa/Siri/G.Home bandwagons. Those devices are drones for the cyber war—not in some shadowy "X is in cahoots with gov't" way. Just that they'll inevitably be compromised and external actors will use them for purposes unintended and undesired by the owners and manufacturers.

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I've been anxiously waiting for more stories from you for years! Glad to hear some are in the pipe.

I'm wondering if any bits or bobs from your trip to the National Laboratory will show up. Would love to have you return as part of a press tour for the TV show.