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Sergeant_Steve8 karma

Why are Exchange Only lines taking so long to upgrade to fibre? This whole crap about "we need planning permission because we need more space for the cabinets in the street outside the exchange" is just bullshit. You need the same planning permission and space to put one in a residential street yet they manage to do those easily.

Sergeant_Steve1 karma

Months has been years though with still no progress. It's a town of about 22k people, some people who have their lines connected to boxes in the streets can get FTTC, those on EO lines are fucked for anything beyond 4Mbps, (8Mbps if you're lucky to live close enough).

Of course the exchange happens to be near the town centre and in a residential area, but seems plenty of space around it to put boxes outside or even just upgrade the building itself given it's about 38m by 15m with an 18m x 15m extension out the back on one side with a pitched roof rather than flat like the first part of the building.