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Seregrauko415 karma

Very happy for you that you decided to publish. Sounds like the right thing to do.

I'd like to know your view on the American invasion in 2001; the way in which it happened, the reason for it, and if you agree with it or not?

I'm an EU infantry veteran who deployed to the Balkans but declined Iraq and Afghanistan deployments for political reasons and ideological convictions, so hearing the reflections of an Afghan national holds particular interest to me.

I wish you and your family all the best in future endeavours!

Seregrauko411 karma

Thank you for your thorough and in-depth reply. I very much agree with a lot of your perspective. My time in the army taught me that sometimes armed intervention is, sadly, the only way. But in the case of Afghanistan in 2001 I do not believe it was a case that called for an invasion. Especially not seeing the result of it now in these past months.

One could have hoped that positive change would have not been stooped in it tracks. Now all we can do is hope that a small wish for a better life have been ignited in the hearts of the youngest generation of Afghans. Sadly, they're standing to fight an uphill battle.