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What do the cartels think of our border security?

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Most nasty thing you've seen/smelled on dirty jobs? What is Mike Rowe like? How did you do the things bear grylls did while holding a camera? What is Bear Grylls like?

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How do you catch them? What are these resources you speak of?

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First I want to say that I am ashamed I never heard of you prior to your last Reddit AMA so thank you for doing this. After much research you will have my vote in November. Just some things I want to ask. Your views pretty much match up exactly with mine, however I fear that they look great on paper but in practice won’t fair as well. Does your dramatic stance on no student loans, 43% cut to the federal budget, no farm subsidies, ect. have any previous real world success to show that these policies won’t cause huge disruption or backfire completely?

Also, in general, what are the major differences between you and Ron Paul?

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I did a solo trip to Europe for 3 months but couchsurfing was a major fail for me. Being a guy it seemed like other guys only wanted women to stay with them and women only wanted other women. How did you set up all that couchsurfing?