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Sort of..

There have been stories of donors harassing the recipient for money or if the donor thinks the recipient isn't living a healthy lifestyle.

Also goes both ways though, some recipients will harass the donor with their thanks when the donor just wants to do a good deed without the praise.

Personally, I want to meet my person but I respect the rules and that's that.

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I'm sorry to hear about your health :(

I genuinely don't know what prompted me, I don't know anyone personally with kidney disease. I've been donating blood for years (more than 30 times) and I just never felt it was enough, so I looked for bigger ways to help and found this.

I'm 100% committed to donating after death and am excited to help even more people.

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That's cool! Most people can live a regular life with only 1 kidney.

My expenses were basically nothing, I think I paid maybe $15 for parking and a couple of coffees from trips to the hospital.

Insurance paid for 6 weeks of paid leave with a cap of $5k. The hospital works with you to deal with all of it, it's really easy.

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I definitely think that's a big part of it.

Not gloomy, they probably have a suite of health issues, that's just the reality.

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I spent over a year mentally preparing for this, from when I decided to do this to when it actually happened. Physically, I'm already in relatively healthy shape so that was no problem.

Diet and lifestyle are almost no longterm changes, I can't play contact sports and but never did anyways. I also have to be careful of what drugs/medication I take since some do stuff in the kidney and that can be an issue, but I have friends who are pharmacists and they're happy to help.

Recovery was fine, The first 2 days were constant pain and the pain-killers really helped but after that I was able to walk and 2 weeks later I can do anything except exercise.

No surprises, the staff was annoying thorough. They would tell me everything 3 times to make sure I understood. Only thing, I handled the pain a lot better than I expected which I'm proud of.

Nothing I wish I knew before committing, they were unbelievably thorough.