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M43, became suddenly single 6 months ago when I discovered my wife of 22 years was having an affair. Almost ready to start dating, but here's what I'm wondering: My looks are ok (a 7 on a good day, we'll say) but I look great on paper: 6'4", very fit, very successfully self employed, no debt, love kids, volunteer firefighter, general nice guy. Should I be throwing all my good points like this in a dating profile, or should I put minimal info on there and let potential dates who are curious get the details out of me later?

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You went down that rabbit hole, don't be shocked to find a rabbit...

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Ya, your last line nails it. And don't worry, I wouldn't actually put the 'nice guy' thing in a profile, it was just to round out my question. Just not sure how to promote myself without it all sounding like some humble brag

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Wow. I really needed to hear that. That might be the most amazing thing anyone has said to me in a loooong time! Thanks