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Ah the pastor's tactic

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Your answers are about as useful as asking quora, except one would probably get more in depth information there.

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I have tried different diets and have gotten the most benefit from a carnivore diet. It has actually fixed my bowel inflammation and from it stemming systemic inflammation and therefore also many other issues including cognitive and mood impairment, postprandial syndrome etc.

What knowledge do you have about carnivore diets and why they seem to help some people so much?

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That's not how chronic pain works ffs. Look up stuff like glutamate excess. That is the neurotransmitter for pain signalling. Guess what lots of pain conditions are associated with a dysbalanced glutamatergic system and some of your attempts to control low level pain are actually inducing a shift of neurotransmitter levels. Just if you have a severe dysbalance your yoga isn't gonna do much. And are you aware of people and yes also doctors who try and invent some bullshit theory just to try and explain things away that they still have no idea about are actually creating a huge obstacle in ever getting a proper cure for pain conditions? Because if they're stemming from an organic issue then you need an organic treatment. If it's neurochemical then only chemicals are gonna fix it.

Source: someone with a neurological disorder that was for years misdiagnosed as this bullshit pain sensitisation crap that is based on "oh the brain/nerves misfire/work wrong because of some reason we don't know"

I have a condition that causes overactive pain receptors caused by neurotransmitter excess that activates them. Origin is very likely a fucked up gene or multiple ones that cause my body to overproduce or in some other way accumulate those neurotransmitters. Now please go read up on glutamate and gaba and nmda and kainate and other receptors and neurotransmitters and please stop spreading bullshit that prevents people like me from getting proper treatment and disables them severely and drives them into suicide. you are otherwise just as much to blame for people committing suicide in such cases.

Edit: PS: if I had listened to people like you I would still be severely disabled and suffering extremely and probably also slowly experiencing neurodegeneration because glutamate in excess is excitotoxic.