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Maybe. I don't know. Can you repeat the question?

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Honestly? Disney movies. I watched a ton of them when I was younger and have recently embraced their charms again as an older dude. They really have a mastery of timing and comedic slapstick that is completely in a league of its own. Obviously I'm not quite up to their level...but it's a high bar to aim for!

Edit: This is of course for the cutscenes, not Octodad himself. Read Devon's response above about that!

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It's quite interesting how much people read into the first Octodad and continue to read into this one. Honestly, our initial intent was not to make some grand commentary on human nature and imposter syndrome, but that's sort of what happened. Really, the subtext is left up to the player, and we're just facilitators.

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My dream since I was ten was to work on big AAA games. I still want to try and do that, but this experience has been so awesome that it will definitely inform everything I do from now on.

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The support from Sony was huge in being able to afford going to conventions and just getting our name out there. I think that was the point it truly blew up for real (and also around the time I came back to help finish the game!)