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Have you ever gotten in trouble because some douchebag thought you winked at His girlfriend?

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Is anything done with hunting-tourism to provide an alternative source of income that does not rely on destroying the rainforest for timber/farming?

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Why is it not common?

Is there backlash from enviroment groups?

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More interested than those who want to chop down it for timber or burn it for farming.

And real hunters (not poachers) want to just take what the land can produce, leave enough so the game replenishes for next season.

And bringing in tourist to trophy hunt is even better than just letting the locals Hunt for food because it brings in money to the area. If the animals are worth more than the food it provides that is incentive to not overhunt.

And trophy hunters mostly care about big male game, taking them out doesnt affect the Numbers as much because it makes younger males able to breed, thus a bigger genepool.

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Even more the challenge! Some People like Patong for that, and it is an option that shouldnt be put of the table imo.

American hunters seem more interested in "hard" hunts anyway

Trekking days Up in the mountains for elk etc