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Can you reference the provision within the bill (H.R. 1957) that states or implies that the IRS isn't able to create their own filing system?

I ask because I called my local House Representative's D.C. office, and the staff person insisted that there was a misunderstanding about the bill and that it does NOT prohibit the IRS from creating their own system.

The bill seems very lengthy, and unfortunately without knowing the text in reference, I can't independently determine who is correct.

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Another question.

I don't qualify based on my income...but what is "free" exactly? The cost for someone to prepare the taxes or to officially file them?

With the legislation, are there penalties to tax preparers such as Turbo Tax if they were to choose to stop offering the free services?

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If I didn't subscribe to Propublica on Twitter, I wouldn't have even known about this AMA. Because your organization doesn't have household recognition, I wonder if you could reach a wider audience by doing future AMAs in conjunction with elected officials that have high visibility, such as AOC. Do you think that's doable?

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Just curious if anyone is looking into my question from about an hour ago about unlocked phones? I am not sure if it got lost in the shuffle or not. Thanks again for all these responses!

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Best wired home security system? What about body-worn cams?