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I know how to learn to do it right.

Luckily this is a huge selling point for a lot of employers. Showing them you know the job already is one thing, but showing them you're capable of learning it quickly can work wonders, especially if you're an otherwise valuable candidate (professional, courteous, etc.)

Good luck, I hope to see an AMA from Reddit's resident robotocist soon!

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I don't plan on staying in the industry.

Any insight as to why? Is it the industry itself, or did the last company leave that-bad of a taste in your mouth?

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That guy is on point.

He'sgotareallyweird tempooooo, though.

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This is one of my favorite things about surgery. Someone is gonna be working, hard, for several hours. I won't even know it happened.

I've never had anything even approaching the seriousness of a double lung transplant (though my surgery was also to correct breathing issues) -- I'm impressed and happy that you came back from under the knife, well done that man!

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talking about why a director used blue curtains in a scene

in retrospect, have you ever looked at a directing decision of yours and thought "hmm... thats why they're blue. maybe i did learn something..." :p