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Sekenre82 karma

what is the fastest slingshot you can make:

  • In a well equipped workshop surrounded by zombies?
  • In a tent/cabin in the forest surrounded by zombies?

(I was thinking that the Christmas Tree slingshot would be good for the latter :-)

I found your channel when I was searching for regular slings (David and Goliath style). Have you ever tried this technique and what do you think of them?

What was your involvement with the Hansel & Gretel witch-hunters movie?

Can you do a video showing your impressive t-shirt collection?

Thanks for doing this AMA. (Edit: formatting)

Sekenre37 karma

thanks, I'd be interested in seeing a video of your high tech frame for the David sling!

Sekenre9 karma

Who is the frightened Nun in your video credits?

Sekenre2 karma

In all of your writings I have not seen your children's mother mentioned. Is she still involved with your kids? How will you arrange custody?

Sorry if it's too touchy a question. It's something I'm concerned with in my own life.

Sekenre2 karma

Thanks, I think your kids will appreciate not bringing that out in public.