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I can hardly believe what you have gone through, and the residual effects of it even now. It's disheartening that even a single person has to go through what you've gone through.

Is there any advice or insight you have for people? I know it's a general and broad question, but I was just curious if you had anything to answer from the perspective of life you have experienced.

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Wow, I will take these words to heart, thank you.

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That's very interesting, and good to know since it's counter-intuitive. I already feel like I am applying that to myself.

And I regrettably think I am guilty of doing what you mentioned. If I see someone blaming themself, and it doesn't make sense to me, then I sometimes think that they are trying to play the victim, and I do go the logic-them-out-of-guilt method. I'll do my best not to handle it like that anymore.

Recently, I have struggled with some guilt, and for some reason telling myself I would have done it every time comforts me. I'll get into thinking about how I could have avoided something, how many rights I feel I did before succumbing to the wrong, and it will begin to eat away at me because I almost made the right choice. But then I tell myself, I would have done it every time. If the situation were the same. It is that precise situation that I behaved that way, and I proved it because it is what happened. I dunno why, but it helps. I'm not sure if that is guilt or regret or what, but it seems at least related. I have to see myself as everyone else, as someone who makes mistakes. As someone to forgive.

It makes me sad that you still suffer so much. That you have such terrible sleep and the fear you feel at small things and all the other things you listed. It doesn't seem fair at all. You had to go through something so traumatic. Why do you also have to live with such negative residual effects? I don't like that at all.

What kind of things have people done for you that you appreciated? And what kind of things might someone do thinking they are helping, but in reality it is only harmful? I'm curious about this in regards to long ago, more close to after the negative events happened, and in regards to right now in your life, not that you have to answer both, just anything you feel worth sharing.