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The "sneakiness" is why I have literally zero mental support. It costs lives. People are not stupid. It is enraging to see someone clumsily working to wrest control of my own life from me because I had the audacity to seek help. I know that until I am in a position where I can't suffer negative consequences for admitting mental problems I have, that I will have to carry them on my own and do my best to read/understand the materials that would otherwise be used to help.

I fucking despise that mental health is so stigmatized that anyone who looks to find assistance is immediately seen as an infant, unable to make their own decisions or choices.

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Q: What is 2+2?

A: I believe in math. I believe in answers. My opponent doesn't believe in either. With work and help from a functioning congress, math and answers will be provided freely, and when someone asks 'What is 2+2?' they'll not just get an answer, but as many answers as they can handle. So to answer your question, I fully support and contribute to all forms of numbers.

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Aahhhh!! I am the creator of PolyGlot, and I cannot tell you how cool it is to me that you’re aware of my little project!

If you’re ever up for it, I would love to hear your thoughts on what might be improved or refined about it. I’m always trying to figure out what next issue I’m looking to tackle.

Thank you again for the name drop!

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And yet the metaphor holds. Increasingly, machines are becoming involved with mental and intellectual tasks. Things that were previously reserved for humans. They can write reports, they can parse abstract data, they can manage.

Automation is slowly creeping all the way into white collar jobs.

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We always hear about mentally ill people who don't know they are mentally ill (they think they are Napoleon, or have powers or something), but how often do you deal with severely mentally ill people who are 100% aware of their illnesses? Does that help them at all, or only stress them further?

Thank you for working a very difficult field and for helping people!