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You selling this to Michigan? 'cause you need to.

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I use an app called "Sleep As Android" to not only track my sleeping pattern but mostly to take advantage of the "Smart Alarm" that is suppose to track my movement, and based on my level of movement determine I am out of REM and in a lighter stage of sleep, and then wake me up. It seems to help quite a bit but I was interested in your scientific experience. Does this sound viable? Does waking during non REM or deep sleep make a difference in sleep quality and alertness during initial waking?

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How do I get a subsidized phone?

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How do I stop the robocalls that just say "Goodbye" when I pick up?

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Do you think it's fair that banks take 5% of my money in interest when I ask them for money but only offer a laughable .04% when I want to store my money with them? Do you think it would be better for the economy on a longer run if banks offered a more favorable interest rate on savings accounts?