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D-Mannose has helped me tremendously. I joke that I get my medical care from the product reviews on Amazon but that's where I first learned of it. With new drug-resistant strains of E. coli appearing, I suspect D-Mannose will get more recognition and respect.

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What I notice a lot is that people talk in a part of their voice that doesn't resonate.

Especially young people today. A pleasant, resonant speaking voice was once a desirable asset, a charm to be cultivated. Few seem to realize or care anymore.

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My son's a musician so we already have both an SM-57 and an SM-58, as well as an interface for the computer. We also have a Blue Yeti USB mic. Is any of that enough to get started?

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A PreSonus Firebox that we use with Cubase LE. We also have Audition. Thanks for the tips!

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I used to perform on-camera in industrial videos, mostly for the medical and aerospace fields. Luckily, I have a knack for difficult and/or technical material. Now that I'm a bit older (and a lot less attractive) I'm thinking about returning to this work as voice-over talent only. Do you have any suggestions for finding industrial work? Also, if you could buy just one mic for a home studio, what would it be?

Edit: I just listened to some of your demos. I like your authenticity, your approachability, and the little nuances.