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"stepped off-world", what a lovely little phrase.

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So my daughter's school here in the southeastern USA has a tradition of the second graders studying Native Americans' history and culture. At the end of the year they have a daylong event at a farm where they dress up in vaguely Native attire and engage in activities that are supposed to represent traditional practices. A lot of summer camps in this area do similar kinds of things. While I think it's really important for American kids of all races to learn about our shared history, and I think experiential education is helpful, I don't feel great about these kinds of activities. I mean, you wouldn't see a bunch of white kids dressing up for "African American Day"... What are your thoughts?

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Attachment disorders can make mutually pleasurable emotional relationships very difficult to achieve. Do you have a plan to keep emotional/psychological support in place over time for the both of you? Congrats on the adoption; he is a very lucky boy to have you.

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Aw shit, Fred Willard would have been incredible in that role.

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Stratford Road?