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Few questions It seems like what you do is highly linked to mental health. It seems like it's extremely possible to work on mental health symptoms without going through the traditional Masters education in counseling and bypass this by saying that you aren't diagnosing and treating mental health. I've seen it done pretty widespread. In fact, it's well known within Mental health practitioner circles, that you can effectively bypass state regulations and practice by calling yourself a life coach, but just not diagnose. Mental health counselors can effectively provide life coaching as well.

It seems like the industry is highly unregulated and in the infancy of proper regulation and supervision.

  1. Is there any plans to have supervisory hours or full school accreditations?

  2. What liability does a "life coach" take on?

  3. Since insurance does not cover this service,.how are you making it affordable for the everyday person?

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If not every life Coach is certified you are essentially depending on clients to vet their own people correct? Mental Health counselors must be licensed and over sought by state boards, and everyone who is not yet licensed must be supervised by an approved supervisor by the state board, who evaluates the supervisor and takes accountability for the supervisee. So when you go to a therapist you know that they are either being supervised or they have passed regulatory things like: mandated hours that are supervised, practical knowledge testing, state and federal oversight. So if a person is decertified from your program, it seems like they can still life coach but they aren't certified. Also what is there to stop a de-licensed therapist (either from ethical complaints or non compliance) from just calling themselves a non certified life coach?

Secondly, life coaches charge the same if not more than Licensed therapists. Literally almost every profession you mentioned has a state regulatory and licensing board, not to mention accredited institutions mandating curriculum. You are paying for their experience, educational commitment required and overall training plus years of supervised experience.

Also there is no diagnosis needed or required to do therapy unless going through insurance. Therapy is a process of self discovery with many components that include career goals as well. I have seen one to many life coaches blogging about depression and anxiety and trying to "coach" people and parents on what to do if they are experiencing it.

Hopefully "Coaching" becomes a state and federally regulated thing as it's clearly ripe for issues of abuse and fraud.

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Call yourself a "life coach" . Set up an office and try and give advice....but in all seriousness, there really is no regulation state wide or federally.

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I honestly see their intention to help. I really do but when you have no governing body that is accountable to state and Federal standards, there is palpable risk for abuse without reprecutions. For instance what's to stop a coach from engaging in concented sexual relations with a client? As a therapist a complaint can be made, investigated and I could lose my license, and standing and barred from doing the work ever again but there is nothing stopping me from turning around and just saying I'm a life coach now or a governing body that would bar me from doing the work...meanwhile I know at least one life coach that tries to tackle motivation and depression issues with their teen clients, who should be seeing a therapist.

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Yes but you don't need to be certified to practice as there is no federal or state oversight.