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Sebastian98765445 karma

How does someone get a job with the CIA?

I applied but didn't even get a response. Any good ideas other than just the typical "apply from the government website"?

Sebastian98765418 karma

How do you feel about job-hoppers?

What do you recommend people do to be most successful in their careers?

Sebastian98765413 karma

I can't even imagine collecting a percent of the amount of money you have made.

Does the amount of money you have freak you out?

Sebastian9876546 karma

If the CIA wants you, they will find you.!!!

Sebastian987654-1 karma

Why is the kit to replace the series 1 apple watch 42mm so expensive? I need a new battery but for a little more, I can have Apple do the repair for me with warranty etc...

+1,000 if you can hook me up!