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SeattExPat14 karma

That is a beautiful machine.

Is it a reflector or a refractor? It's hard to tell from the pictures. Also, I would love to know the objective diameter and focal length, please. If you could give us an idea on eyepiece magnification as well, that would be swell.

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What are your daily reads? Do you still flip through a print newspaper?

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I agree with the finiteness argument. I read the A section of the WaPo on the way in to work every day, and the metro section on the way home. They are both finishable in the reasonable amount of time that a human should spend reading a paper every day.

I'm not looking for everything, but rather I like the idea of a curator assembling a few of the important stories that day. If I want to dive into the abyss of information, the internet awaits.

While I prefer WSJ or NYT for a lazy Sunday or long flight, I feel the Post gets the sort of "curator" idea better.