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What is your personal opinion about the MCP project and it's ability to decompile the game and make the source code kind of available to everyone?

And how much do you think the fact that modding is made easy by systems like bukkit and MCP (and the number of available mods) affects the sales of Minecraft.

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I love to hear that my hobby project (MCP was made by me) makes this so much fun for your kids and I hope my daughter, when she is old enough, will also be interested in learning how computers work and how they can be programmed.

I'm "generation Commodore" and I hope that devices like the Raspberry Pi for example and game like Minecraft can help our kids to understand technology in the same way as the C64 and Amiga helped me to become what I am today - a skilled software developer with a deep understanding of the inner workings of programs.

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What were the most difficult design decisions you had to make during the development of Lake Ridden and how did your decisions turn out once implemented in the game?