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Riding the Kamehameha ultra instinct.

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I studied shotokan karate with Igor Dyachenko for 2 years. But I moved away and cannot find a dojo I like. However, when I was doing martial arts, I would slip into Goku voice during kyahs! and I would notice students adjacent to me geeking out because they were DBZ fans and recognized my voice.

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I would love to voice Bubbles.

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I am flattered that people want me to perform as Goku in public when they meet me. However, I do get irritated when it comes across as an instant command like "hey do the voice" makes me feel like a circus monkey. Not to mention that unlike Chris, I don't have any fun good lines like vegetables ;). I'm sad about super ending, but there will be more movies and video games. But I do look forward to the day where a big part of my life is not screaming lol.
Fighterz might be the best fighting game of all time.

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My feelings were "oh wow" and "oh shit" and "more screaming"