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Would you use a glass pen I would make (I AMA glass artist and love to make utilitarian things)?

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Does anyone deny that it ever happened?

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That’s horrible that anyone doesn’t recognize what happened. I can’t believe that anyone would do that

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Oh, I see. That does make sense. Still though, I can’t wait!

I’m an artist and I’m going to learn blender to model my ideas so I can reference them as I am creating. I haven’t used mya because I believe you have to pay for it and especially if the only purchasing option is a subscription I don’t have the money for that.

Editing in VR would seem intuitive also.

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I have always been interested in the possibility of prototyping in VR. I also no next to nothing about VR technology so sorry in advance if my questions sound stupid.

Does VR support blender and if not is there any other 3D program that it does support?