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A large black woman came in for an oil change and a tire rotation who just REEKED. So I knew her car would be gross. Anyway, she had rims that I needed the key to remove so I had to search for it. The most likely spot, the glove compartment, is usually where it is kept. So I pop it open. It was full of used tampons and pads. I dug through it and didn't find it, so I had to check the console. Same deal, lots of used tampons and pads.

Long story short, she threw the key away because she thought she didn't need it.

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There was a morbidly obese family who came in with 5 vehicles all to get oil changes. We have a large lobby and a lot of bays so it is maybe a 45-55 minute wait tops. Well they go and get lunch and we tell them they can eat in the lobby. They go and cram 5 morbidly obese people into a honda civic, and proceed to eat their lunch in their car, in the parking lot in the hot, Texas sun. It was freaking weird

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I'm young and stupid

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Alright smartypants, define noun

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define "Proof"