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I can completely see how nothing was ever done for you. I'm from WV as well and actually not far from you. I was bullied everyday in my high school and nothing was ever done of it. I was the weird nerdy girl that was terribly picked on for being different. Sadly, I wasn't the only one that went through this at school. I'm incredibly sorry that this is how WV rolls in their school systems.

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I agree. It's so sad the state of things in what was once a wonderful state.

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No real question here. I just want to say, you are amazing for helping her. I was diagnosed very early on and it has been a total plague on my life. I've lost jobs from being unable to walk from the pain. My husband takes care of me as well during the rough times. I have rheumatoid arthritis as well. Pain management is an everyday conversation and I know how rough it can be. Hugs to you both.

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Thank you for doing this Dr. Gupta. I really appreciate the work you've done in the medical field. My question is do we have any reason, at all, to be concerned about Ebola reaching the United States?