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The trailer looks like you went too complex. Nothing wrong with complex games, but all of the apps I have see that go nuclear are EXCEEDINGLY simple. Sadly, I love complex games and get bored with games like flappy bird rather quickly.

Honestly, I would say this is a great start. Don't think of it as a few years wasted on an app that goes nowhere. Instead, you have just been working out your development and creativity muscles for the past two years.

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You did yourself a service going that in depth, trust me! You are a much better developer for it. My suggestion? Make super simple game and only spend a few weeks on it at most. Release it free (ads), and see what you like about that process. You will have both frames of reference an can continue on from there. It is really hard to make a 1.99 or even a .99 game that will make you any money, or even enough to offset the cost of production. Way too many free options at this point. People just aren't willing to drop that buck or two on the off chance they love the game.

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A beautiful heart?

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Sunflowers are cheap and quick to replace.

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I live in omaha and have never been...I will report back from the darkest and creepiest corner I can find.