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As someone who grew up as an enormous State-nerd, what are the odds of me ever seeing Hops Plus with the original music (What I Like About You) intact? I never saw that sketch until the DVDs were released, and one of The State's strong points was how well the music paired with each sketch. I'm sorry if this is an extremely nerdy question, but I've been jonesing to see this sketch intact for years now.

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What is going on with Deaner? Is he ok?

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I know I'm probably preaching to the choir, but I always found that odd. I feel like the record companies would benefit from the free advertising. I can say for a fact that back when The State was on the air, I bought the albums Chocolate and Cheese, Jar of Flies and Last Splash because of the Free Stuff, Staring Contest and Pants sketches. And I guarantee there were more albums The State influenced me to buy that I cant think of right now.