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ScrewHollywood6 karma

Why no crowdfunding? Why "no way"? Thanks in advance.

ScrewHollywood2 karma

This is one of the worst AMAs here and that is really saying something.

You have absolutely no original thoughts, or ideas of your own. It is quite remarkable.

You will be fawned over by many here because of the degree next to your name as the 'intellectuals' here tend to be easily intimidated and cowed by 'successful' people of the professional classes. But there are actual NEETs or people of far lower socioeconomic classes than you, and even mentally disabled people who have some kind of originality and agency in their cognition and ideation - a trait you sadly do not display here today.

I'm sorry, 'doctor' but all you have done today is faithfully regurgitate basic, longstanding, conventional theories on this topic without offering any actual insight or idea.

The field of 'behavioral health' is riddled with people like you who are long on prestige, NPR interviews and reputations of expertise, and very short on actual, useful information.

You are not a genuine problem-solver. You are a faithful mouthpiece for the East Coast medical academe. The two are consistently mutually exclusive.