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Yes! In fact, I'd argue the benefits far outweigh the negatives. It's just sometimes things get out of hand. The very things that attract people to game can be the downfall... more on this later.

I personally love single player story driven narrative games. So Last of Us, God of War, Firewatch, Metal Gear, and so on. I've played games that brought me to tears with how beautiful the story was and how well acted they are. You can be so entertained and feel connected to characters and get a great story with games. I love it.

Other people can make friends, be a part of teams, feel like they are independent, increase problem solving skills, be a leader, and more!

Problems start when these things get prioritized over other things. Gaming checks a lot of boxes of needs: social, entertainment, risk taking, self-esteem, independence, creativity etc. All things that can be found in the everyday world, but they're arguably easier and more accessible in gaming for some people. Hence why it's so enticing and can become problematic.

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You said the magic word: COMPLICATED.

What we're seeing today is a COMPLICATED social situation brought on by a lot of sadness, desperation, feeling life is unjust, lack of meaning, social economic struggles, and angry political rhetoric. This is just my view of it. And, like you said, it probably can't even be narrowed down to those things either.

For 30 years or so, gaming has been the SCAPEGOAT for violence. Ever since Mortal Kombat had ABACABB for the blood code, it was in the news.

I think people look for simple solutions to complex problems. It's "easier" to blame video games for violence than it is to address an administration's failings, hateful speech and actions, social economic issues, and existential dilemmas (personal and collective).

This is why conspiracy videos are super popular now too I think. They boil down very complicated, complex, and difficult to understand questions to "It's aliens" or "it's the illuminati." Boils them down to simple, graspable, and INCORRECT explanations.

In today's case, Trump boiled down all these existential and social, economic issues to "It's video games." Or "It's mental health." And it's irresponsible to do so.

He said something like, people in the gaming community gather together and glorify violence. I was like, dude, I was at E3 this year. Thousands of people were there, but no one was glorifying violence. We were all hanging out and excited about video games and being super nice to one another.

I think I ranted and may not have answered your question haha.

Edit: I'll add this. The research is clear that there is no connection between video games and violence.

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I can't relate any specific stories for confidentiality sake.

But I'll say it takes many forms. You mention WOW for 14 hours straight and gaining weight. When actually weight LOSS is more common I suspect. Or I should say, I see this more. Malnutrition and poor sleep and weight loss is a big issue. People won't leave the game to eat healthy, exercise, or get regular nutrients. That is an extreme case.

Often times gaming addiction or compulsive gaming can look like: hey I'm going to work at my job, but I'm thinking about Siege or or playing on my phone when I should be working, then I get home, and ignore my partner or friends and play games instead, then I'm up till 2 or 4am, but that's fine, I'll skip breakfast and drink a lot of coffee before work tomorrow, I'll be fine.

Stuff like that are kinda warning signs that something is developing. A lot of things like "I'll be fine" or "It's no big deal" kinda talk, which is denial and common for addicts of all kinds.

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You never stop. You are Reddit now. We are one.

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Do you need data to show them? Show them you. Show them your experience. Show them what you love about it. Engage in it with them. What game could you show them that they would enjoy with you? If they're not open to that then maybe they're not going to be convinced, and it's not your responsibility to do so at that point.

Edit: Happy cake day :)