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You've gotten a lot of different responses in this thread. Regardless of whether people agree or disagree, I'd just like to point out that you made a non-violent act of resistance, accepted the consequences that came with it, and in doing so created a larger discussion. That is a textbook example of the right way to approach civil disobedience so you should be commended for standing up for your beliefs and getting involved in your community.

Since I have to ask a question, what kind of music do you like?

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Such a great antagonistic setup for such an unsatisfying let down. I think I hated the end of the Louis arc more than the end of the series.

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Thank you for resisting the urge.

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If anybody can play a country like a musical instrument, it's Gary Busey.

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Just in general. I realize you use different mics for different instruments/voices but what's your favorite all purpose go-to mic?

Also, thanks for the AMA!