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As a nanny and future teacher, I have read my fair share of your books. A favorite around here is "The Dark" illustrated by Jon Klassen. The two of you teaming up was a bit of a dream come true for me. I love your work, but most of the kids I watch are a bit young for most of your work. Your books span a wide range of ages. Which age range is your favorite to write for and why?

Thank you for taking time for this AMA. I cannot wait to read it all. Well, honestly, probably not all of it...

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Thanks for sharing your story! What makes you think the BC is the cause of your pain?

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They answered that question quite a while ago.

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I've often wondered this. Is there a black market for hats out there? Are they just really expensive and sought after in the animal world, so the rabbit and fish would rather risk death than get their own? One way or another, I want this hat saga to continue.

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They answered that hours ago.