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I don't think he knows.

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fuck that! Knowledge makes me happy, and reddit is a continuous supply of it. If i was dying I'd spend at least 3 hours a day on here.

You're already getting the "cancer boy" treatment from redditors, I guess my question is, does that annoy you or bother you? I know you don't want special treatment, so does hearing all these people compliment you solely because they know you're dying seem weird to you?

Also, if you have money, you and I should take a trip to another country, see the world. Experience things. Shit would be meaningful to both of us.

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Yea, I hope that's what most of it is about.

I got in an argument in another thread of a terminal cancer patient, because everyone kept calling him "courageous". I'm like... it's not courageous to get cancer. You refusing treatment might be courageous, but I see it as more of a rational decision. You know it would just help you live longer, and more painfully. I'd rather go quick and fun myself, so good call on that. Keep on keepin on. I'll remind myself to think about you in 10 years.