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I was going to comment about Jon Skeet. Any time I have a coding problem, someone has already asked the question on SO. I love it when Jon has answered as he lays everything out nicely, his examples are simple, and he always makes the OP think about why they want to implement something like this when they could do it another way.

I'm fairly certain that Jon could roll up to any software house, give a link to his stack profile and get the job without saying a word.

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I enjoyed your writing of your experience with replaying Deus Ex. This is one of the reasons I never want to play it again, even though in my head it was the best game ever.

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Oh jeez, how can I not go back and play Deus Ex now? I have already played through it at least 10 times, but it's been many years... I'll get on it shortly.

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Sounds pretty normal to me, I've been a QA for years and to think of a job where I wasn't in close contact with the devs sounds like shit. I would leave that position fairly quickly.