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On a cosmic scale, fuck people who make that joke.

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Toilet paper, laxatives, hot sauce.

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Few ways:

  1. No just because it didn't scan it's not free, that isn't funny, stop saying it.

  2. Stop talking on the damn phone. That's rude.

  3. Even if you don't wanna chat, when I ask how you're doing, answer me.

  4. One buggy. You get one fucking buggy. If you need more come back. One.

  5. The manager is gonna tell you the same shit I did, don't make me call them just because you didn't like my answer, it's wasting your time, my time, their time, and everyone behind you's time.

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Several times. Occasionally it's a pretty girl and I flirt back, sometimes it's a middle aged woman with smokers breath and I have to try not to cry.

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Ready for this? Over two hours. Over the summer a family of like fifteen came to stay in town for about a month, and only wanted to make one shopping trip. They had like eight or nine buggies, the total was like $1,200.00, it was crazy.