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They're in season 32+. I'd wager every one is getting chosen.

E: holy shit they're on season 45. I'm not a chef and I haven't applied but I'll be expecting my call any day now. They're probably running out of people.

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I imagine something like this would be in "stages" so you could admit another team after the first team gets through the first section. Maybe first two sections in minimize the chance that a fast team would catch up to a slower one. It could work.

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What are your thoughts on nvidia and GeForce Now? Companies are pulling their games off it and are mad they weren't asked/compensated.

The way I see it GeForce Now is just letting me play games I already own on rented hardware. What say you? Is there some nuance I'm missing?

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I followed the link and I have a real hard time imagining paying $1 per .1oz of candle no matter how nice it smells.