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Okay, so where do I begin...

We'll cut past the childhood trauma and the lecture on neurological reactions and go to the day of the dream itself.

So there I am, a few days (I think) ago. After watching the Canadiens/Leafs game, I thought, "Damn, it's been a while since I watched hockey".

That in mind, I brushed my teeth and went to sleep. after browsing reddit for 2hrs and perhaps a midnight fap, maybe.

I fell asleep, and had a weird dream. I think I didn't fap, since I was pretty horny in my sleep. I had an odd dream that I was a Queen, perhaps in regard to a university I had applied to.

So I was a Queen. In that dream, I was fucking starving (we'll talk about the horny bit later on). So I asked for something to eat (steak or some good shit like that).

Then all of a sudden, these oompa loompa's came out of fucking nowhere as fast as like... like a neutrino that saw a hot-damn fine electron.

I didn't notice, I was just impressed there was good food (FUCK I FORGOT WHAT I ATE).

So anyways, after I ate, it came to me. I was bored. Then I realized, yeah... hockey!

So I played hockey. As a Queen. A dude-queen. Not a gay-queen, or a queen-mattress, but a QUEEN. Need I say more?

I fucking owned those oompa loompa's harder than... than a man about to end a no-fap month. It was fucking beautiful, the cheers in the crowd. The fall of flowers, the greetings of people. The trophies, women, ice-cream and need I fucking say it? Yes, I'll say it: I'm still a fucking Queen!

But then I saw the faces of the oompa loompa's, and I realized.

They had too much fucking make-up on, green as... a fucking caterpillar orgy.

Then I realized, everything in the ice rink was green. The crowd was green, my stick was green (hockey stick, mind you).

But what stood out, were two people in the crowd.

Two green people, but different from the others.

I thought they were the Sedin's, but then I realized...

Incest is illegal.

I couldn't quite put my tongue on it (fortunately), but then it came to me.

These two men, they were throwing hamburgers, cash, pancakes, shoes, crowns dildos, you fucking name it.

All in my honor.

Then it hit me,

not what they were throwing,

but who they were.

They were,

the Green Men.

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I remember you guys in my dream.

Yup, it was a good dream.




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Immediately after, I got slapped awake by my mother who told me I was late for work.

So that's that. Good times... good times.

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Few things:

  • How's the life of a TV crew member? Salaries, lifestyle, etc. (if it's not too much to ask)

  • Have you seen or taped something similar to this damn incident (ABC).

  • On a scale of 1-10 would you fuck me hard?

  • Is there any interaction between tv crew members and the people being recorded. I assume it's cut out before airing.

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Have you ever considered changing your first name to Polter?

Well... you did say ask you anything.