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Do you feel like the jump in food quality from 1 stars to 2 stars is larger than the jump from 2 stars to 3? Does more work go into getting your first star than your second or third?

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How did you deal with the blisters?

How many off-days did you take?

Did you reward yourself with a really good meal or a cozy bed every once in a while? What was your favourite reward?

Did you ever start going crazy from hunger/thirst?

Most rewarding part?


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I always thought that the drive behind KoL's success was that it could be however shallow or deep you wanted, depending on how much you immersed yourself in the culture and the gameplay. NS-11 days, you could easily throw away your day's worth of clicks and no time at all, which was great for those with limited time to play.

However, I found that post NS-13, it took a lot longer to ascend (not just level-wise, but meticulous quest-wise), and you were forced to do some seriously tedious gaming to advance. It seems like a lot of quests were put in just as a sort of clunky way of saying "Fuck you, you aren't going to ascend in 2 days no matter what". This is what drove me away from KoL, and judging by the numbers, it looks like there's a lot less people playing now compared to a few years ago.

tl;dr: Are there any plans to revert back to a more carefree, less meticulous game?

PS: Sorry if I sound as caustic as a ghost pickle right now -- I just used to love KoL, but totally fell out of it after NS-13

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ESL teacher here. Common response is spelling, but prepositions are a bigger hurdle, IMO.

You arrive on time, but you arrive at the right time? You can tell to me, yell for me, and yell at me? 'Watch him' is quite different from 'Watch for him.' You look something up ON the Internet? Why not IN the Internet? There's no reason for these a lot of the time. Students get dismayed when they're told they just have to memorize each case.

It's not unique to English -- French has similar difficulties.

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Why is colorful plumage considered a desirable trait? As you mention, this lowers animals' ability to avoid predation. So I find it curious to think that a female would think, "Yes, that's a desirable trait. That's what I want my offspring to have -- an easier time attracting prey."

Or does a mating-age bird with colorful plumage indicate that its other characteristics are desirable, as, despite it being easier for prey to spot, it's successfully managed to avoid being caught and killed? Perhaps this would indicate it could be more powerful, agile, aware, etc. than your average, drab-colored fowl?