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My family has a strong history of Alzheimer's/severe dementia (no official diagnosis due to lack of autopsies), especially on the female lineage. I would very much like to avoid this fate, and help my mother as much as possible as she gets older. Other than diet and and a healthy lifestyle, what suggestions do you have for keeping your mind healthy? Are there any potential treatments in the future?

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Very cool AMA! My question: I have a spider (no idea what kind, I live in PA) that has taken up residence in my favorite deck chair. It's got this huge awesome web across the front... I don't mind having him/her around to eat other bugs, but I'd like my chair back! What's the best way to encourage him to move along without hurting him? Thanks!

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What is the average "lifespan" of a meteor shower? Obviously we have a comet sending off bits of itself every time it passes close to a sun... how many years (millennia?) does this occur before a comet breaks up too much to continue its cycle around the sun, or happens to intersect some other planetary body?

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Oh interesting! I wasn't thinking about how the other planets affected the direction of the material. Interesting to think about what exciting meteor showers we'll (ok, maybe not us exactly) will see in the future. Thanks for the AMA!!

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I will check it out of the library soon, thanks! Also as a follow-up. Most people I have known suffering with this disease experience varying levels of hallucinations. What causes these hallucinations, and can they be treated?