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What do you feel is the best/most important way to go through life?

Kind of hoping for a general philosophy/your perspective on life, what you feel your purpose is (if any) and how it's changed over the course of your life.

I think it could clear things up for a lot of young, confused people like myself.

My 25 year old opinion: Friends, memories, family, and being a good person is what matters most, and finding a career that makes you happy regardless of income.

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Sounds like a good ROI for time if you have another job also? Because $2K every 10 weeks, or $1K every 5 weeks, so a little less than $1k/mo (Learned how to do that at Kaplan yesterday!!!) just doesn't seem that great.

Then again, you can live on it and you can barely ever have to go to work I guess.

So: do you work another jerb also?

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