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Sciela3 karma

I loved the ability to play instruments in games like Mabinogi and LOTRO - is that a possibility in Wildstar? Would it be something you guys are even interested in implementing?

The combat in this game is fantastic, but it's the out of combat things that really make me want to stick around. I've been playing WoW for ten years now, and sometimes I can hardly log in at all, because there's nothing to do outside of dungeons / raids that I've done a thousand times, or the CC contest that is PvP (it's much better in Wildstar!).

Sciela2 karma

Oh I know it's not in Wildstar. :P I've been playing the pre-order weekends almost religiously. xD Even without it, I'd still be addicted to this game (I'm actually leaving WoW for it, after ten years), but it'd just be fun to have. I was mostly asking if it was something you guys would consider adding sometime in the future.