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Are there any new hobbies you're excited to pursue? Or would you rather take this time to simply relax?

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Some cases of Identity Theft aren't always performed with Malicious intent, (however still illegal). For example, if a parent opens an account 'as' their child, and gains access to something they would otherwise not have, it is fraudulent, but probably not malicious. How do you suggest a young adult protect themselves from family members who may also have all of the information required to perform such an action. And what do you suggest to those who are indeed victimized by such?

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I assume doing sound design for particularly complex scenes takes a while, and a lot of 'takes'. Much like how repeating a word 100 times makes it sound funny, do you have any challenges keeping 'fresh ears' on a scene to keep a baseline during its development?

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If you were physically in the sub, is there anything that happens (Creaking, or otherwise) which occurs when you dive to depths like that? Many of our expectations on what happens in a sub are based on what movies show us, and not on reality