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A godly comment.

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Read Grant Morrison’s run. I found the court of owls trite and at points pretentious when it had no right to be. Anyway, grant Morrison! Get on that!

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Keep in mind that Morrison is a bit “out there” and doesn’t write your typical batman stories. He also likes to do these long sagas that pay tribute to older stories. For him everything is canon and Batman is an extraordinary person who went through various phases in his life. Even the craziness of the old comics is canon for Morrison.

PS: his Batman and Robin run (part of the bigger Batman run) is the funnest read ever! You’re in for a treat.

PS2: the same applies for his all star Superman. It’s a massive tribute to Superman and examination of his themes before he dies. Don’t forget to read the annotations about the secret of Leo Quintum. All star Superman is probably the best comic book you’ll ever read.

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I’m starting to appreciate Superman the older I get. To be honest though, most of his stories are the typical “strong hero beats up strong alien who attacks metropolis. Lois lane love triangles, etc”

But read all star because it’s something else. It’s more like the crazy golden age comics and it explores various themes. Like for example Superman explores the possibility of a world without him by making a miniature universe on his own (like i said, golden age craziness). But the craziness serves a purpose.

It also has the best lex luthor and best “death” for Superman. But do read the annotations that analyse everything and again don’t miss the theory about Leo Quintum.

Ah yeah... also read Morrison’s Action Comics, which is about Superman’s origin where he’s a young brash guy with a pair of jeans and a towel over his shoulder and a big smile. As opposed to say.... a 33 year old mopey guy who waits for Zod to blackmail him to go out and do something.