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Do you feel your experience with games helps you connect with your patients? I'm actually visiting a therapist for the first time soon (not for addiction, thank god). I'd imagine for issues/patients like yours they would typically be more resistant to advice than say a person seeking counseling for a mental disorder or perhaps a marriage counselor.

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You only get pain afterwards if they leave you full of air. Then you literally have to fart out all the air they pumped into you while coming off anesthesia. It's painful, but it doesn't feel like a wounding pain. Just extreme abdominal pressure and unrelenting painful discomfort.

I'm sure there's other reasons you could be in pain afterwards, but the air is the only common one as far as I know.

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Prep is the worst aspect of it. Assuming you do the prep properly you will face a diarrhea filled evening the night before. If you do your prep better than they say to you will just shit out water. Shitting out water isn't any more pleasant than poop water. It sucks, but it's necessary.

Now I'm sure this experience is probably very personal based on your healthcare. Whenever I get a colonoscopy they put me in a room on a hospital bed. Nurses check my vitals, get me a warm blanket, offer me anxiety meds (dont need it), and hook me up to sensors/monitors. Doctors come in and out for paperwork and consent stuff, explaining whats going on, but usually they don't have any reason to see you unless they're the anesthesiologist. A nurse asks you a fuckload of questions from a list to make sure they're not going to accidentally fuck you up. When they're ready (they might leave you alone for an hour? depends on if the doctor is on schedule or falling behind) they'll cart you off to the room they do the procedure in. You'll be lying on your back, get your night night gas/juice, and then suddenly you're waking up and everything is already finished. They just gotta babysit you until anesthesia wears off.

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I feel like you might have an issue where you could intentionally litter certain products in an attempt to harm a company. Imagine someone collected a thousand plastic bottles from a specific company and then dumped all of them in a river. Should the company be responsible for that person's actions?

Don't get me wrong, I think corporations are greedy and subhuman, but let's think critically to come up with effective solutions for everyone. Solving the litter issue is already such a difficult task. It would be a shame for any implemented system to fail immediately. That would only give credit to those who oppose it.

Even so maybe this idea is what we need and I'm just a big speculative dummy. Don't let my words discourage you from being creative and inspired.

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It is euphoric. It's really painful and it doesn't stop. Once you start that minute long fart the pain just gradually decreases.