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If Bill Gates spent his own time to pack that box and prepare your gifts just know that your gifts are worth their value and about $5 million in labour costs lol.

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As someone who undoubtedly does a lot of reading and writing on a computer, what is your ergonomic situation? Do you feel any strain on your shoulders/arms/wrists when typing? Eye-strain? Do you have any tips to minimize?

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  1. What lead you to do the type of work you do?
  2. What do you enjoy about your work?
  3. What do you dislike about your work?
  4. Do you feel that people with dementia are treated with respect and dignity?
  5. What type of training do you have?

Thank you so much for doing this AMA!

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Or 'demon'.

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Is there a particular political party that stands for Canadian investment in space exploration and research? It doesn't seem to be even on the agenda of any of the parties nowadays.