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Can you elaborate more on this? Some of us simply don't have jobs that allow us enough time off for long distance hiking. In addition, if you don't earn a lot to begin with, living frugally isn't going to cut it in any realistic timeframe. I think that question was asked because to people like us, it's fascinating you'd get to do this. I want to know more. The financial aspects of long distance hiking are always what I want details on. Sometimes in podcast interviews etc, long distance hikers just blow by those parts. "I just saved and did it."

What kind of job do you have? Do you quit each time you leave, or does the job allow you the freedom of coming and going? Do you have savings for your "future," or are you kind of winging it? Do you have medical insurance? That kind of stuff.

Sorry to bombard ya.

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I understand the idea of being minimal. I'm more interested in each hiker’s specific tactics. No one has mentioned health insurance. As you age, and really if you're hiking, you should have it. It's really important and not having it could bankrupt you quick. That, to me, should be a high priority and it's not inexpensive.

Someone mentioned 2 grand for a four month hike. For someone like me, that's 10-12 months of saving up. School loans alone are enough to put a damper on major saving. Probably, some of these people simply don't have school loans they pay... or maybe they keep deferring them, which only lasts so long.

Coming back from a long hike is another thing I want to know more about. If you don't have marketable skills (not everyone does), then how do you feel confident you'll find a new job that can afford you to live in an apartment/car whatever WHILE saving for the next hike AND staying on top of any loans etc. Even cars can cost thousands if something goes wrong. That's a major blow.

Each person will have an individual answer, and I was curious about hers. That said, I'm curious about everyone's. General statements just don't interest me, I'm more about personal stories.

My tone isn't one of annoyance, just explaining what I'm looking for.

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Thanks! I figured I was too late but went for it anyway :)