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That makes me really sad that they treated him that way. What was the student's name?

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I feel like playing Monopoly would be better....until they landed on the Go To Jail square.

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Forgive me for saying so, but doing something about it before it's too late can only serve to right this wrong. I know this must weigh heavily on his heart, but your grandfather himself said that he regrets not doing more to promote himself when he was talking about the army...think about how this kid must have felt knowing that he came up with the solution that saved these people's lives when the whole nation was waiting on bated breath, and no one knows who he is. Even though it's years later, history ought to know his name.

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  • Former Special Agent finding murdurous doctors

That guy has posted an AMA 9 times across various subreddits in the last three months. He is totally an ad as well.

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Have you ever watched Strike Back?