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My cousin has CF as well. She's 30! Her sister died at 21 years old of CF. I've read about people making it to 80 though so there is always hope! At least they don't run CF summer camps anymore ;)

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Once we found a little homemade cage with a homemade hamster wheel and a picture of a hamster. There was a mouse inside running in the wheel. To be honest it was really creative heh.

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Yes, and I am a Dementor! You caught me.

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These guys are human beings. Treat them like you would want to be treated. Be firm, but fair. Don't say one thing then do another. Be honest and beyond reproach. At the same time remember than many of them are very dangerous. Stay alert of your surroundings and never fall into a state of complacency. Leave your work at work, and your home at home. Don't take things personal.

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Yes, health concerns. I did think about Mr. Jangles a little bit though :)