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First of all, WOW. That's a hell of a life story.

Do you know why there aren't more doctors available and trained on the surgery for the solid vagina issue you dealt with? I hope you guys get the adoption, it's a really tough process when biological family steps in and I hope they stop standing your way when you'll clearly create a wonderful home for her.

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Is this just available online or will the book be in stores? Also congrats on publishing so young, that's very impressive.

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That makes a lot of sense, it's incredibly generous of you to work with the family too, I send you guys positive intention energy for it to all work out!

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Everyone says Honduras is the murder capital of the world, do you find it pretty safe to travel in? And do you find the dialect of Spanish changes quite a bit as you cross borders? What were your most unexpected difficulties along your travels? And what was a really impactful positive moment for you in your travels?

Looks like a super fun trip!

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Hey Eric,

Just so you know I am definitely judging you, with that in mind, what is your favourite beer Sir? :)