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Is this just available online or will the book be in stores? Also congrats on publishing so young, that's very impressive.

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Everyone says Honduras is the murder capital of the world, do you find it pretty safe to travel in? And do you find the dialect of Spanish changes quite a bit as you cross borders? What were your most unexpected difficulties along your travels? And what was a really impactful positive moment for you in your travels?

Looks like a super fun trip!

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Why are there always 22 check outs and only 4-5 open?

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Are you looking more to focus on sales of hard copy books or ebooks as you progress? What's your favourite way to read, it with an ereader or with hard copy, and do you have a fav place to read like a specific chair or in a coffee shop?

Edit* Congratulations!

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What are some unexpected hurdles you had come up while doing this shoot? And any big plans for your next one?

Great photos!