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I started reading The Dark Tower when I was in rehab for the 2nd time. To this day I tell everyone that part of my success at staying sober was thanks to these stories. They took my mind so far away from the pain and struggle I was going through in real life, connected me with these characters I grew to love, and just entertained my struggling brain when it needed it the most. I thank you for this....and I could really never thank you enough.

My question is one that I'm sure everyone is wondering after The Wind Through The Keyhole. Will there ever be more Dark Tower books/stories? Do you ever feel you can ever really let this group go or will you always want to continue their journey?

Again thank you for being the most amazing story teller ever and for creating the most amazing characters and bonds of friendship I've ever come across!

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I agree. Didn't think it was as bad as described.

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I hear you. I was born with cleft lip and palette. I had great plastic surgeons but kids were still cruel and made me feel ugly and wrong. Dumb bullies.